WELL!  What do you think of the new website? Pretty Great Right. Every few weeks we are going  to take turns writing a Blog (Where do they come up with these names.) blog-428950_640

LET’S TALK COLORFor some of us color scares the HEEBEEGEES out of us. We don’t know what to do, so we do BEIGE.  Now think back to when you were young and you got a new box of crayons. You started with a box of 8, when went on to 24, 48, and ” 64″. You were in love with color! What happened to us.crayons-1530987

Now we are not 8 years old anymore, so what is the adult box of crayons? Well for me it’s the paint deck from the local paint store. I Love Them.

We all have a color or colors that we always go to be it blue, green , yellow, etc, remember that box of  crayons. The colors we loved a 8 years old  we still love today. Take your paint deck and go to those colors. Pick a card of colors that you like. Work with all the colors on that card. The top color will work good for a ceiling, walls maybe  one or two steps down for your walls. Now, look at  some other color cards that you like. Go down to the same point on each card those are the colors that  you will work with for every thing else. Now it’s time to come  in .  We’ll help you check out fabrics that will pull colors from your color card. SEE YOU SOON. Nancycolor-791622_640

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