The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. Maybe it should say on the other side of the computer. Sometimes things are greener on your side of the computer. You just have to look.

Shopping online for furniture can be fun, BUT (with me there is always a but) let me tell you sitting on that computer doesn’t work to find out how soft that sofa is. It’s still is best to set on the sofa and feel that fabric and see the real color. We now have our prices online just like the big boys. Please check them you’ll be happy with what you find.

I know free delivery is a big thing online. I just want to let you know what WE at Hope’s can do for YOU.


We do charge $10.00 for deliveries in Aurora and $20.00 for Hamilton County. For that small amount you get your furniture placed  not only in your house, but in the room, of your choice, set up and looking great. Your delivery is made by the same men you see at the grocery store, the high school football game or around town. People you know and trust. That’s big now days.

Well that’s enough blogging today ( There is that word again) I wish you HAPPY SHOPPING !woman-shpping-1428371 See you soon. Nancy