Welcome to Hope Home Furnishings and Flooring’s new website!  In 2010, during our 50th Anniversary, hopehomefurnishing.com debuted.  We worked very hard making sure our inventory was pictured, up to date, and with as much information about size and color as we could fit.

But my how things have changed in 5 years!  Smart phones have gotten smarter.  Tablets aren’t books of lined paper that I used to do homework on (which, by the way, was a long long time ago).  And shoppers get the information about their desired purchase long before they set foot in a store.  We realized that we needed to make our site better for you, our customer, and make sure you were getting the information you wanted and needed, and find it easily.  So we set out to build a better shopping experience.

And here it is!  Welcome to the NEW hopehomefurnishings.com.  If you’ve visited before, you’ll see a BIG difference.  More and bigger pictures, product descriptions, pricing, sale prices and even a search feature.  The BLOG and LOOKBOOKS will allow us to share the latest trends, bring you more information and alert you to special offers and sales.  All of these things were important suggestions and comments from our customers.

Now keep in mind, not everything is done quite yet and there’s a lot of things to do  (and I mean a lot).  The important thing to remember is we will keep working and changing things up to make sure we are giving you the best shopping experience possible, before you even set foot in the store.

But we need your help! Not everyone shops or browses the same way.  So your input, comments, and suggestions are very important to us so that we can continue to make the site better and better.

SO HERE’S THE DEAL!!!  Please take some extra time to tour the site and then go to the Contact Us area of the site and tell us what you would like to see, change, move, remove or add.  We know your time is valuable, so as a token of our appreciation, anyone who sends us a suggestion or comments will receive a gift certificate valued at $25.00 to use at the store.