With  2015 coming to an end. It’s time to think of a fresh look for your home.  Take off those heavy window coverings they suck up the natural light. Natural light can help create a new look with no money spent.

Give your bathroom a relaxing spa-vibe by just changing out  your towels. Take out you dark color ones and add  light color ones. Candles are a great choice too. You don’t have to light them. They will look great just sitting there.

Family rooms  need a fresh look after the long winter. Your furniture doesn’t have to be dark. Think of mid tones or lighter they will make you room come alive. Don’t forget a splash of color, light blues and greens are going to be big in 2016


If nothing else simplify your space. That will give you a lighter look in it self. Remember do this your way, it’s your home.

If you need any help come to Hope’s, we  will help. Nancy